Who We Are

The story of most of us at Desta is similar – we have seen tough times up close and we know that the only way to have a meaningful life is by adding meaning to others.

The second similarity a regular employee has is that he/ she has spent many years in Agriculture (8 Years) and since we believe in the 10,000 hour rule (“Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell), we are kind of experts in Agriculture.

Yes, it helps that we understand:

  1. Field/ farm level issues in India to Global ones
  2. from a ‘Package of Practice’ to implementing AgTech tools
  3. Farmer, Dealer and Manufacturer – and their pain points (‘POG’ is right on top)
  4. E-commerce – we have spent two years setting up the system and making it work in Agriculture.

Desta team is organized as follows:

Sales and Call Centre teams: to keep building a strong Dealer network, to generate Sales for our Business partners and promote their products to our Dealers. And to promote the Desta concept

Marketing team: to design schemes and campaigns for products and to promote them on digital media and on the ground. The promotion is both to the Dealers and the Farmers

Business Development team: BD team works with companies with products for the rural market, introducing to them the Desta’s channel and helping them make the most of the opportunity.

Logistics team: for coordination between the Organization and the Dealers for delivery.

Accounts team: for payments, reconciliation and pricing

Big Data/ MI team: for analysing data and trends so as to be able to predict the right product price for a particular market during a particular season. To generate data points to be able to predict future trends.

IT team: to manage the websites and build world class mobile applications.