Our Business Model

Our Business Model

DestaGlobal is a social enterprise positively impacting agriculture in India. After spending the first few years making available innovative products for farmers, in 2015 the organization moved online with a B2B e-commerce portal ‘DestaMart’ connecting manufacturers & dealers. The website ‘DestaTalk’ has been a source of information for 5 Lakh+ farmers since 2015. We went mobile with applications for farmers and dealers in the last year. 

‘Siddhi Kisan’ is a mobile app for farmers to purchase agriculture input products from retailers near them, stay updated about new farming practices and network with the farming community. ‘Siddhi Dealer’ app mirrors the farmer app, and is for retailers to take their brick-and-mortar shop online and promote their products to farmers. This ‘do-it-yourself’ app also gives retailers the insights about markets and consumers.

Below are our revenue streams:

  1. E-commerce commission: Simple sign-up process and dealers start purchasing agri-inputs across multiple categories from 100s of manufacturers. Desta earns commission against each transaction.
  2. Seller subscription: Manufacturers use Desta platform to run special schemes for their dealers to clear stock and ultimately pass benefits to the farmers, and build a loyal customer base. We have three active manufacturers using this service and have aggressive scaleup plan in 2020.
  3. Dealer App subscription: Our mobile applications for farmers and dealers – Siddhi Kisan and Siddhi Dealer work in sync with each other. Dealers buy subscription of dealer app and run schemes on products from their shelf, which goes live on the farmer’s app. 
  4. Data Monetization: In near future user data gathered on Desta platform will be monetized. Data Scientists will build algorithms by using this data married with local weather, soil, satellite data.  


  • Dealers as buyers on e-commerce: 2157
  • Dealer app downloads: 4500 
  • Dealer subscriptions: 284
  • Farmer app downloads: 1,25,000+
  • # Farmers requesting products (since May 2019): 1100+ , Value: $0.11M
  • # Schemes from Dealers: 33,946
  • # Schemes from manufacturer: 10,131
  • # Schemes from Desta: 373
  • Savings for farmers: $0.18M