Desta Talk

Traditional Entrepreneur

The farmer is the most traditional entrepreneur in our country; even so, he is also the most underrated. There are various reasons for the same – lack of connectivity, logistics, and over-dependence on rain to name a few. Technology has moved forward by leaps and bounds and the urban counterparts are now living in a connected, wireless world with access to more products, services and information than they can consume in the next ten lifetimes. Why should the farmer not enjoy the same exposure?

Our Belief

We at Desta believe that the farmer can be so much more and to that end, we are launching – an online resource portal and a weekly magazine that gives actionable information and knowledge to the farmers in an easy-to-understand format in their local language.

The Gap

Since our inception in 2010, we have noticed a glaring need to go beyond the business i.e. products & services and into the space of information-sharing. The DestaTalk is a DestaGlobal initiative that aims to fill this gap of access to qualified knowledge and data by the end-users or the farmers. Therefore, DestaTalk is envisaged to serve as a vital component for addressing the specific, immediate and long-term requirements of the agricultural community.

Agri Info

Agricultural knowledge resources on agri-business are scattered and often times incoherent. There is an increasing consensus on the urgency of integrating and systematizing the information. DestaTalk will simplify the access to knowledge on farm business and related topics.

Expert Panel

We are on the constant lookout for contributors who not only have acquired in-depth and practical knowledge on any subject matter related to agriculture but also vast experience in this field. To that end, a panel of experts has thus been created to provide with content based on their learning and insight. The experts provide actionable information in the local language as per the needs of specific agro-climatic regions.

Topics to be covered

Some of the topics that shall be covered are weather updates, changes in prices of the local mandi, government policy and & subsidy related alerts, emerging industry & price trends, changes in agricultural practices, farmer success stories, pioneering technologies and innovations, expert views and advisory amongst others.

Through this humble yet catalytic effort, we aim to equip our farmers with the power of information and knowledge to become smarter businessmen.