Desta Global


To improve the livelihoods of farmers in rural India by providing them with information, innovation and technology that will help improve their farming incomes.


India holds the second largest agricultural land in the world- 157.35 million hectares. The country is a top producer of major agricultural and horticulture crops, pulses, milk, tea, cashew and jute; and the second largest producer of wheat, rice, fruits and vegetables, sugarcane, cotton and oilseeds.

Recent studies have shown that a healthy growth in internet users in India has been driven by rural Indians, currently standing at an impressive 37% as of December 2014. They are now increasingly accessing internet either on their mobile phones or on computers.

Mobile communications have seen the quickest adoption of any new technology in history. Over five billion mobile phones exist in the world today. Even in emerging and developing markets, mobile penetration has been on a fiery climb upwards in the last five years.

An internal survey revealed that about 65-70% of the agriculture entrepreneurs have adopted technology via smart phones. Not just that, the B2C players have exposed themselves to the concept of e-commerce in a huge way with massive ad campaigns across all mediums.

Keeping in mind the penetration, growth and rising usage of technology along with the acceptance of e-commerce in most industries, we have recognized that a sustainable, strategic, and proficient transformation of the Indian agricultural industry is on the horizon.


A farmer’s use of technology is influenced by technical training, oral transmission, meeting, trust of technician and degree of belief on technology. Now, though many Indian farmers have positive discernment about technology, they are faced with constant problems with its application due to lack of capital, gaps in access to direction from the Govt. and extension, issues in implementation of compensation policy to ensure yield.

It is well accepted that access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays a crucial role in the development to rural and remote areas. Desta Global envisages the effective use of ICT to facilitate the process of empowerment of rural farmers through on time delivery of information and innovation.

Now, bringing Internet awareness and access in rural areas for helping farmers use online tools is a tall order.

Having said that, we want to leverage the mobile and internet systems for their high people penetration rates for scale and impact.

With a vision of providing solutions and expanding our reach to large number of stakeholders in the agri-input space on real time basis, we want to inculcate among them the habit of being in close proximity with technology via internet for quick and easy access of concurrent Agri-knowledge.

Desta Global is now evolving the business into:

  • Desta Mart – an online B2B agri-input marketplace;
  • Desta Talk – an online information portal and weekly magazine targeted towards farmers that will provide timely and relevant information, education and news on agriculture and agri-business and
  • Desta Labs – an online portal that will host a curated list of farming related innovations to serve as a link between innovation providers in India and abroad and farmers in rural India.